What is the date of the Bathurst Half Marathon and 10km?
We are currently planning on holding our 2021 event on Sunday 2nd May, 2021.  Please refer to our home page.

What time do the races start?
Both races start at 9:00am with a race briefing at 8:45am.

How do I register for the race?
All race entries will be available online when details of our event are finalised.

How much does it cost to enter?
2021 prices will be advised when entries open.

Do you have early bird entry rates?
2021 prices will be advised when entries open.

Can I register on race day?
No. Our entries close during the week prior to allow time for bibs to be printed and electronic timing chips allocated. Please refer to the registration page of our website for further details.

When do registrations close?
We will advise closing dates for regisrations as details about our Covid-safe event are finalised.

Can you post my timing bib to me?
No we can’t. In an effort to reduce the cost to entrants we have made extra time available for bib collection in person on the weekend of our event. Please refer to the race day page of our website for further details on how to pick up your bib and also “Where can I collect my bib?” question below.

Do I need to print my ticket to collect my timing bib?
No. This is a tree friendly event, so just bring a copy of your registration details on your phone.

I now can’t make the race. Can I get a refund?
Refunds maybe be available in exceptional circumstances.  Please contact us via email@bathurstrunning.com.au for more information.

Where can I collect my race bib?
Bib collection will be published as we get closer to the event.

Can a friend collect my timing bib for me?
Yes they can. Please make sure that they have an electronic copy of your entry details on them.

Will you have safety pins to secure my bib?
Yes, we will have safety pins available when you pick up your race bib. However, feel free to use your own clips, race belt or bring your own pins. It’s probably worth pinning your bib onto your shirt the night before the race so that you can post a selfie on Facebook about the great event you are going to run the next day!

Can I transfer my entry to someone else?
No, we need to know who you are. Entries are only accepted in the name of the person creating the entries in order that we can keep track of emergency contact details for the person on the day.

Can I participate in a wheelchair?
Absolutely. Wheelchairs are allowed in any of our races. Please email us before race day so that we can share more detailed information with you about our course and what to expect on the day.

Can I push a pram in the race?
No. This is a running event.

Can I run with my dog?
No. Other than guide dogs required by visually impaired runners, all animals are strictly prohibited from entering any part of the course at any time.

Can my child ride their bike around the course with me?
No. In order to ensure the safety of other entrants this is a running event for runners only.

Where can I find a map of the course?
Jump onto the Course tab of our website and scroll to the bottom of the page for a link to a map of the course.

Will I get lost on the course?
As much as you may try to wander off course we will have you covered at all points! We will have a lead out bike rider to make sure that runners at the pointy end remain on track as well as friendly volunteers at every corner, junction and turning point to keep you on track. If you do manage to wonder off course you have probably done this by your own choice to take in more of the beautiful surrounds of the Macquarie River and surrounds. Please make sure you high five our volunteers as you pass them on your way back to the course!

Where do I park on race day?
There is ample parking within a few hundred metres of race central adjacent to the rugby clubhouse. Our friendly volunteers will be there to show you where to park on race morning. Please pay attention to them, as they are not doing their own impersonation of the Y-M-C-A dance, but are actually giving you directions on where to park!

What temperatures can I expect on race day?
At this time of year we often have a cool start to the race, finishing with a beautiful warm sunny morning for our presentation. Perfect running conditions – just make sure you bring a jumper for before the start.

Do you have drink stations on the course?
Yes we do. Drink stations are manned by our friendly volunteers and are placed at about 2.6km, 5.7km, at the finish and for the Half Marathon runners just before the turn around point at 10.5km.

Are there any toilets on the course?
Yes. There are toilets at the start/finish line in the clubhouse at race central, as well as just a couple of hundred metres from the turn-around point on the course. This is about the half way point of the 10km event – a marshal (you can call him Bill) will direct you if you need help.

What is the cut off time?
11:20am. All course support will be withdrawn at this time and closed roads will be re-opened. This will allow the official race presentations to take place at 11:30am followed by our fantastic lucky prize draw!

What if I have to pull out of the race?
In the event that you are not able to finish the race then please let one of our officials know and provide them with your bib number. We need to know that you are safe and will be looked after.

What is the elevation profile for the events?
Our events are officially as flat as a pancake with not a hill in sight – just perfect for achieving your very own PB!

Do I get anything for finishing?
Yes you do! We offer medals for all finishers of our events, which are perfect for showing to your work colleagues on Monday morning! Everyone who picks up their bib also receives a race memento and of course there is our famous free sausage sizzle after you finish with fantastic lucky draw prizes drawn after the presentations.

Will I get high fives from your volunteers?
Under normal circumstances, we would love to give high fives, however we won’t be able to give them out in 2021.

Do you have results from previous year’s races?
Yes we do. Please refer to the results page of our website for details of our past events.

Is there a minimum age for runners in the 10km?
Yes. All entrants must be at least 11 years of age on race day.

Is there a minimum age for runners in the half marathon?
Yes. All entrants must be at least 16 years of age on race day.

Are there food and drink for sale?
This may be one of the changes we need to make in 2021, so please watch this space.

Can I run with music?
Please don’t. We want you to be able to hear the crowd and fully soak up the atmosphere of our great event. Plus we need you to be able to hear important public announcements on race day, leave the DJ work to us.

Can I walk the whole event?
Walkers are discouraged from entering as this is a running event. Which ever way you choose to complete your event, all on course support is withdrawn at 11:20am.

Is there a preferred start group?
Yes there is. We believe all our runners are preferred – so everyone will start together in the one big happy preferred group! With this in mind, please be honest and self-seed at the start line as you see fit.

Can I change events?
Yes! During the course of the run you can do this. This means that if you are registered for the 10km and you’re feeling fantastic, you can continue on running to complete the Half Marathon. Equally, if you are registered for the half, you can stop at the 10km and still have your time recorded (although you won’t be eligible for prizes). All you need to do is alert our friendly timing officials at the finish line if you decide to change events!

Is there a baggage drop off area?
Yes – your very own personalised one! Parking is very close to the starting area and race hub so feel free to leave all your possessions in your car while you run!

Is there any prize money?
You bet there is!

Half Marathon place getters – Male and Female – 1st $150, 2nd $100, 3rd $50
10km place getters – Male and Female – 1st $100, 2nd $60, 3rd $40.

What is my official race time – gun or net time?
All placings and prize money are based on gun time. For your personal reference we will also able to provide with your chip/net time, which is based on the time that you actually cross the timing mat.

When will race results be made available?
Your finish time, both gun and net time, will be available not long after you finish, together with a race time certificate printed by our wonderful timing friends from MySplit Timing. Make sure that you pop in and see them at the finish for a copy of your certificate.  In addition, we will be sending an SMS of your result if you provide a valid mobile number in your registration.

Full race results, including placing and category position, will be made available on our website, usually within a day or so of the race. You will be able to print off your race certificate with all results from our website. Notification will be sent through our Facebook page once they become available.

Are there photos from race day?
Our wonderful volunteers will be taking race photos of you across the course of the race, so make sure you bring your best smile with you. These will be collated and made available online for your free download. Please be patient with us while we do this, as it does take a lot of after-hours work to complete. Notification will be made on our FaceBook page once this work is complete and the photos are available.

Are there showers for use after the event?
Another change for 2021 is that we’re unlikely to have access to the shower facilities.  Please check back later to confirm.

How can I get more information?
Please refer to our website for further details. If you are unable to find what you are looking for then please contact our wonderful volunteers through one of the following means.

Click here to email us or check out our Facebook site here.